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  • fenestra obscura

    Tacoma, Wash.–based Signamark's Privacy Door offers a center panel of opaque glass that permits light but blocks views.

  • residential architect design awards 2004

    This isn't our design awards program, it's yours. You enter your best work and your peers judge which shall rise above the rest. We editors stand back and watch, always fascinated to see what gets entered and what gets chosen. As flies on the wall, we can

  • Tall Orders

    Time was, when you speced windows for an apartment building or condo, you probably chose aluminum.

  • doctor spec

    for an uncommon look, spec a common material in new ways.

  • Good Form

    Three custom homes turn up the volumes.

  • a simple plan

    The interior of this Montecito, Calif., home, one of Smith's first commissions after returning from Europe, reveals his love for straightforward, almost minimal, forms.

  • under cover

    Always an environmentally friendly product, Fine Paints of Europe has lowered VOCs even further with its ECO line. ECO has a VOC of 42, about 90 percent less than conventional solvent-borne coatings, the company says.

  • gripping experience

    Hand-stitched leather doorknobs from Turnstyle Designs make opening the door a tactile treat. Individually crafted in England from vegetable tanned, full-hide leather, the spheres come in black, chestnut, or chocolate. To enhance the feel of real leather, Turnstyle developed a shape that's...

  • flamboyant fish

    Aquarius Series ceramic tiles add a touch of the Caribbean to any room. Five sea-inspired designs (among them, starfish and ocean waves) come in 4- or 5-inch square tiles, coordinating borders, and accent pieces.

  • macchiato madness

    The high-design Profi-Coffee Center cooks up complex coffee-house concoctions or simply brews a cup of freshly ground java. The built-in, plumbed, stainless steel, self-cleaning, automated unit guides bean fiends through one-touch menu options or minute grind ratios and temperatures.