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  • on thin ice?

    It's been a little over a year since the housing market hit the skids. The U.S. Census Bureau marked November 2005 as the beginning of the slide, and throughout 2006 new-home sales steadily lost ground, dropping about 20 percent nationwide.

  • chez boomers

    We've heard a lot about baby boomers in the last decade or so, usually accompanied by phrases like “800-pound gorilla.” No wonder experts have been analyzing the weighty impact of this group in all arenas of modern life.

  • what i saw at the evolution

    Residential design and construction have taken a dramatic track over the decade of

  • street talk

    We commissioned a recent survey on design in the housing market. Conducted by The Farnsworth Group and sponsored by Andersen Windows, 448 architects, mostly custom, were interviewed. To provide a counterpoint, 150 consumers were also interviewed.

  • Who's Buying What In The New Millennium?