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  • A Secluded Master Bath Maximizes Natural Lighting

    Pale, reflective surfaces and a strategically situated skylight flood a windowless master bath in daylight.

  • tube tops

    Levitt Goodman Architects: The Castor Recycled Tube Light has a tongue-in-cheek design but is all business.

  • ground cover

    Obie G. Bowman, Architect: Grace Construction Products' Hydroduct 660 drainage composite sheet and Bituthene 4000 pre-formed waterproof membrane.

  • playing the angles

    Obie G. Bowman Architect: Solarium & Skylight Systems' window products.

  • solidly light

    Hays + Ewing Design Studio: Kalwall Corp.'s Kalwall+ Nanogel translucent cladding and roofing system.

  • green screen

    Hays + Ewing Design Studio: CENTRIA Architectural Systems' EcoScreen perforated screen walls.

  • northern lights

    Artequa's patented “Digital Living Lights Process” is endearingly schizophrenic: One minute it's a fire, the next it's a mirror.

  • velux opens student design competition

  • the modern hut

    Everyone loves the idea of camping. Part of the allure is in breaking down the barriers between human and landscape. Peeling off our layers of protective covering, we expose our nerve endings to keener feeling. We revel in small observations that typically escape our notice, while at the same time...

  • team alberta's solabode house