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  • Young Students Discover New Possibilities With Construction

    A program in Cincinnati shows at-risk children the benefits of going into the housing industry.

  • Residential Construction Edges Toward Improvements

    After considerable declines in July, single-family starts and completions shifted upward in August—but residential construction remains weak.

  • Overall House, Concord, Mass.

    Presented with a handsome late 19th-century house burdened with awkward additions, architect James Estes saved only the good part.

  • energy bill could create 270,000 construction jobs

    According to a recent study conducted by The American Institute of Architects (AIA) , enacting the "American Clean Energy Security Act," H.R. 2454, also known as the Waxman-Markey Bill, could create as many as 270,000 jobs in the design and construction industry.

  • architect creates construction toy

  • connecting the dots

    building information modeling is poised to bundle a fragmented design and construction process.

  • Greenhouse Glass

    Merle Thorpe Architects: Harmon's custom fabricator combines different building materials for small- and large-scale new-construction and renovation projects.

  • the construction zone

    Andy Byrnes put himself through architecture school by building houses, and he enjoyed every minute of it. When he moved to Phoenix after graduation, his priorities were to get his contractor's license and track adown fellow Tulane alumnus Richard Fairbourn.