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  • Edgartown, Mass., Residence

    A cool contemporary kitchen is the big surprise at the heart of this vacation home.

  • clandestine arrangements

    Nandinee Phookan Architect: Poliform USA closet systems.

  • Music Theory

    The great ones make it look easy. Houses, that is. When a custom home is fully resolved—when the design is inspired, the craftsmanship spot-on, and owner, architect, and builder fully in sync—the result betrays nothing of the effort expended in its creation.

  • Falmouth, Mass., Residence

    Designing for his family of four, Mark Hutker made the kitchen the focal point of their new house.

  • sources

    Product information from RADA 2007's winning projects.

  • Set With Erecta

    Richardson Architects: Metro Wire Super Erecta shelving can support up to 800 pounds and its heights and widths range from 14 x 24 inches to 36 x 72 inches.

  • Sea Catch

    When you look at something beautiful every day, it's easy to forget how extraordinary it is.

  • kitchen exponential

    The kitchen is one area where hopes spring eternal and infernal. Today's wealthy homeowners want tremendous function, jewel-like dazzle, and flawless craftsmanship in this hardworking room. That's why you may need an ace up your sleeve for these lavish projects: the European-style kitchen system.

  • added plus

    The new +Wardrobe Collection from cabinet guru Poggenpohl features sixty closet system finishes and can be fabricated to fit spaces of any size.