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  • Book Review: Details In Architecture

    Can’t get enough of architectural details? Then Details in Architecture: Creative Detailing by Leading Architects may be the book for you.

  • Book Review: The California House by Kathryn Masson

    When Apple chief Steve Jobs demolished his architecturally significant, George Washington Smith-designed house in February, preservationists despaired. The publication of a new book, The California House (Rizzoli New York, $60), will no doubt raise their spirits—and encourage more respect for...

  • Book Review: "Steven Ehrlich: Houses"

    For those who have admired this work for years, the book affords a welcome opportunity to view it in greater depth.

  • Spring Reading

    The latest titles on the work of award-winning architects, small-scale communities, accessory dwelling units, and sustainability.

  • Book Review: "Down Detour Road"

    The result of a nonexistent job market during the recession, architect Eric J. Cesal's book considers the uncertain waters in which the architectural profession now finds itself.

  • Book Review: "House in the Landscape"

    Jeremiah Eck's new book makes a compelling—and beautiful—argument against houses that disregard their environments and in favor of more thoughtful, site-responsive design.

  • Book Review: The Complete Architecture of Adler & Sullivan

    Richard Nickel and Aaron Siskind with John Vinci and Ward Miller.

  • Hutker Architects’ New Monograph

    Mark Hutker and partners document their firm's pursuit of heirloom-quality design and construction.

  • New Guidance on Cradle to Cradle Criteria

    Available in print or as an e-book, a new brochure offers instruction on implementing Cradle to Cradle measures in the built environment.

  • Book List

    A selection of new architecture and design titles.