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  • Book Alert: A New History of the Home

    If you were to mine the pile of books by my side of the bed, you'd find roughly equal tonnage of history and architecture. If Walls Could Talk: An Intimate History of the Home promises a check in both columns.

  • KieranTimberlake Releases New Design Book

    KieranTimberlake's latest book breaks design down into 10 gerunds.

  • Book: 'The Bubble Houses of Wallace Neff'

    Only one of architect Wallace Neff's bubble houses survives, in Pasadena Calif. See the demolished ones in Jeffrey Head's new book.

  • Book: 'Letters to a Young Architect'

    Architect Charles Benninger offers advice to young and old in his philosophical memoir.

  • Book Review: The Swedish Country House

    Each year at Custom Home and residential architect, we receive many more books than we have time to review. There are always a few that I hang onto, hoping I'll some day have the chance to write about them.

  • Book: 'The Architectural Detail'

    "In great buildings, the details [...] are the means of delivering whatever message architecture communicates," writes Edward R. Ford in his book that examines architectural details.

  • Book Review: Fougeron Architecture: Opposition/Composition

    In her new book, San Francisco-based architect Anne Fougeron shares her self-described obsession with architecture along with several of her graceful, contemporary, light-filled residential and public projects.

  • Back to the Future

    Koolhaas and Obrist's history of how postwar Japanese Metabolists looked to the future of architecture.

  • Book: ‘New York Dozen: Gen X Architects’

    Architecture professor Michael J. Crosbie highlights 12 firms that are representative of the current moment in New York City’s building design.

  • Book: ‘No More Play'

    Architect Michael Maltzan takes on topics ranging from environmental design to economic development in thinking about a new vision for L.A.