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  • Frederick Fisher Wine Country Estate for Sale

    Overlooking the nearly 20-acre site, this award-winning house by architect Frederick Fisher boasts a restaurant-style kitchen, pool, courtyard, fire pit, extensive patios, window walls, and a drought-tolerant landscape by renowned landscape architect George Girvin.

  • Architect's Own House for Sale

    Award-winning architect David Jameson has put his family's former home on the market for $2.19 million. This modern masterpiece in white features two walled courtyards, one with a pool and spa. Oversized windows let in natural light while touches of natural wood and stone add warmth to the...

  • The Glass House Gets Fogged Out

    Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya has designed a site-specific installation called Veil that envelopes Philip Johnson's Glass House in a dense fog. Intended as an opaque contrast to the transparent architecture, the fog will cover the house every hour through November 30.

  • Wexford The Kennedy Retreat

    Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy was known for her design savvy, but many don't know that she designed a house for her family in Middleburg, Virginia. Although the architect of record was Winchester, Va.,-based Keith Williams, Kennedy sketched the floor plans and elevations for the simple farmhouse with...

  • Sci-fi Solution for Protecting Farnsworth House

    Flooding problems force a preservationist organization to devise a way to protect a Mies van der Rohe masterpiece without compromising it's design integrity.

  • 6 Crazy Drones You Won't Believe Exist

    From penguin-like flying drones to 15,000-ton naval destroyers, drones are quite varied in size and intelligence. Mashable's Max Knoblauch shares six strange examples.

  • 1 Month Since Flight 370 Vanished: A Complete Timeline

    It's been one month since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 dropped off radar screens. Here's everything we know about its mysterious disappearance.

  • Young Americans are Having Dogs Instead of Babies

    The fewer babies Americans give birth to, the more small dogs they seem to buy. Birth rates in the US have fallen from nearly 70 per 1,000 women in 2007, to under 63 last year-a 10% tumble. American women birthed almost 400,000 fewer little humans in 2013 than they did six years before. The...

  • This Architect Has Painstakingly Standardized the World's Subway Maps

  • Parking-Spot-Sized Micro Homes Turn Parking Garages Into Mini-Cities

    Why build in a garage? Overcrowded cities are struggling to find places to build affordable housing, and since fewer and fewer people are driving cars, maybe it's a natural step. Already, most parking garages are only used about half of the time, and they tend to be located near downtown areas...