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  • A Dry Future for the Southwest

    The Southwest's year of record-breaking heat, drought, and catastrophic fire may be a harbinger of worse to come for the region.

  • Reinvention 2011: Phoenix Housing Tour

    Residential architects and designers from across the country grabbed a boxed lunch and climbed aboard buses for the popular housing tour that kicks off Reinvention each year.

  • Barrio Historico House

    2011 Annual Design Review: Live: Citation

  • Hall of Fame: Will Bruder, AIA

    After more than five decades spent steeped in architecture, Will Bruder is one of the profession's truest of true believers.

  • Reinvention 2011 Program, Speakers Sneak Peek

    residential architect’s Reinvention will take place December 7-9 in Phoenix, AZ. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend the only national conference focused exclusively on residential architecture.

  • Arcosanti Changes Leadership

    Italian-born architect Paolo Soleri officially retired as president and ceo of the Cosanti Foundation, which built and supports soleri’s vision of the future: Arcosanti.

  • Product Review: Greywater Systems

    Nearly 50% of potable water delivered to American homes goes down the drains of sinks, showers, and washing machines. Here's how to put that "lightly used" water to work for a second time around.

  • Water: A Resource at Risk

    How widespread water shortages, driven by climate change and population growth, are shaping our future.

  • Cedar Street Residence, Tempe, Ariz.

    Separate buildings facing a private courtyard form an innovative suburban live/work dwelling.

  • Slideshow: Mid-Rise Buildings

    Buildings of four to six stories could be just the ticket in a new era of infill development.