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  • foreign affairs

    Affordable housing in any country is highly regulated and constrained by conditions ranging from building codes to societal attitudes. In designing public housing in Japan, we have been exposed to constraints and opportunities that are very different from anything we had previously faced. The...

  • context conscious

    Several months ago, I was invited by a local civic association to take part in a lecture series titled "Designing Within Historic Districts." Because this is the sort of presentation I had made many times before, I assumed it would be simply a showing of my firm's work. Several days before my talk...

  • be true to your school

    Post-adolescent undergraduates in college have a need to identify and discover their place in the context of a community.

  • round-trip ticket

    Leaving the profession isn't that unusual, but what makes my case different is the fact that I returned.

  • back to the future

    architect john a. burns, faia, looked back 50 years to find a house ahead of its time

  • beauty on a budget

    About six years ago, I was contacted by Nancy and Mike Johnston, who faced a classic dilemma: how to maximize their "bang for the buck" on a site with mixed blessings.

  • the last word

    As an architect, do you ever feel underappreciated and misunderstood—not to mention undercompensated compared with other professionals, even in high rolling times?

  • Quality Time

    Fewer and fewer single-family homes are being designed by architects--and it shows. A Boston architect calls for a new approach.

  • Production House Proud

    The role of chairperson of the AIA Housing Committee has allowed me to meet and speak with residential architects from across the country about housing design and community-related issues.

  • face the future

    I watched my grandfather mix paint from linseed oil and pigment. I watched my father excavate, frame, plumb, wire, heat, roof, and finish houses.