More stories about PERSPECTIVE

  • Meet the 2014 Hanley Wood Sustainability Council

    Continuing our Vision 2020 exploration of the critical goals and deadlines for sustainable design between now and 2020, we're proud to introduce our cross-disciplinary panel of experts who will lead us in 2014.

  • Taking the LEED

    FAIA's Steven Winter offers tips on how to meet residential green building standards.

  • native speaker

    a new englander comes to terms with the nuances of vernacular architecture.

  • head above water

    I was not planning on evacuating. I never had before. My entire extended family evacuates every time there is a hurricane heading our way and I never do. I actually believed I would attend a construction meeting the next morning—Monday, Aug. 29, 2005—if t

  • a cautionary tale

    For Philadelphia-based architect, Susan Maxman, FAIA, building in the Bahamas was not a vacation in paradise.

  • delivering the goods

    We live in a design economy encompassing everything from the iPod to Ikea. Investment in, awareness of, and appreciation for design are at an all-time high.

  • theory vs. practice

    Our studio relationship began at Princeton University, which we attended as both undergraduate and graduate students. There we established a way of thinking about architecture that we have tried to maintain as we have progressed from an academic environme

  • the urban window

    working within city limits, contemporary designers devise a fresh response to context.

  • spread the word

    Through our professional interaction with developers, contractors, city inspectors, engineers, and clients, we architects understand at a detailed level how buildings take shape out of a push-and-pull among sometimes brutal forces: not just physical force

  • casa maya

    where a house commission in honduras goes, adventure follows.