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  • BUILDER's Concept Home 2011

    KB Home builds a net-zero residence for average Americans with the Martha Stewart touch.

  • Architect's Dream House Becomes Reality in the Berkshires

  • Fu-Tung Cheng Shapes a Showstopping Custom Home Out of Concrete

    Using concrete as his medium, Fu-Tung Cheng creates a work of art on a cul-de-sac in Menlo Park, Calif.

  • Art Meets Architecture in This Indoor-Outdoor Oklahoma Home

    Elliott + Associates Architects gracefully blends residential architecture and museum-quality art in this Oklahoma house.

  • Salary Survey 2010: Less = The New More

    We asked 1,000 architects what they're making. The answer: less than last year, on average.

  • double vision

    First-time developer John Bertsch saw potential in a canyonside lot in San Diego's posh Mission Hills neighborhood, and he detected a hunger for progressive design in the local housing market.

  • high society

    The Highland Parks community sits along a ridge in central Oregon's high alpine desert. The sloping site dips east, where a verdant valley gives way to remote scenes of the Ochoco National Forest's mountain majesty. Architect Joel Severud found ways to ta

  • good neighbors

    a group of houses may appear beautiful and well maintained, but if the houses don't contain people, it's not going to seem like much of a community.

  • city rhythms

    Urban infill is perhaps the most important housing typology an architect can pursue. Not only does it promote density, it repairs decaying communities, creates new neighborhoods, and utilizes existing infrastructure.

  • prefab confab

    factory-built houses are the new darlings of the media and the architectural community, but can prefab really bring high design to mainstream housing? leaders in architectural practice and theory speak out.