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  • glenn murcutt

    From a regionalist's point of view, the best design starts with respect for the place. Perhaps that's why Glenn Murcutt's houses are so highly regarded, for he possesses an unparalleled sense of awe about his native Australia.

  • john peterson

    Most of the time, John Peterson, AIA, projects a laid-back personality—the kind you'd expect him to have after 15 years in mellow San Francisco. But get him talking about a project that Public Architecture, the nonprofit he founded, is working on, and suddenly he can't talk quickly or...

  • terence riley

    From his perch as the Museum of Modern Art's chief curator of architecture and design, Terence Riley, AIA, spent the last 14 years affirming the importance of architecture.

  • local color

    Some artists seek the peace they need for their creative processes by retreating from the urbanity around them. Not the owner of this Los Angeles studio, who paints in oils as a sideline to his job in the entertainment industry.

  • outside influence

    Washington, D.C., artist Brece Honeycutt finds creative stimulation in nature, preferring to sculpt and draw with organic media like wool, paper, earth, charcoal, and pastels.

  • a piece of quiet

    Right-brain and left-brain thinking meet happily at this Connecticut sculptor's studio. The 1,100-square-foot building's large, loft-like windows and Shaker-influenced simplicity satisfy the

  • cool moves

    Desert dwellers live with extremes. Summer heat easily escalates to triple digits and nighttime temperatures slide precipitously into sweater weather. It's a tough assignment to conserve energy under these harsh conditions.

  • blue heaven

    Some architects approach sustainability from an energy-efficiency point of view, making houses that require as little power as possible. Others concentrate on materials, trying to source as many green elements as they can.

  • sheltering birches

    It's an undeniable fact that home building consumes resources and disturbs nature. The goal of a responsible architect, then, is to design a house that blunts the blow to its delicate surroundings.