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  • DNA Testing to Trace Lumber's Origins

    Illegal logging and forged certification threaten the integrity of sustainable lumber. Solving the problem is DNA testing for wood, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • Urbasee Anchors Virtual Architecture to Context

    French company Urbasee designs GPS-enabled software for iPads that tethers virtual models to life or locates models on proposed sites, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • A Stay in Arne Jacobsen's Room 606

    The SAS Radisson Hotel proves a stark, comfortable, beautiful contrast to other resting stops in Copenhagen on Aaron Betsky's last visit to the Danish city.

  • Amsterdam Firm Debuts First Mobile Printing Pavilion

    Amsterdam-based DUS Architects debuts the first mobile 3D-printing pavilion, big enough to print furniture, Blaine Brownell reports, presenting a flexible option for mass-customizable furnishings and small architectural components.

  • Visiting the Biennale's Country Pavilions

    Most country pavilions shown work that represent each country's hopes and fears, but not what is being built or will be built in that country, Aaron Betsky says.

  • Zeolites Used to Reduce Off-Gassing in Wood Products

    Since formaldehyde, used in particle board and other building materials, has negative health effects in large amounts, scientists in Germany have found minerals to absorb formaldehyde emissions. But it's only a stopgap, says Blaine Brownell, to a larger problem.

  • Thomas Struth Displays Beauty in the Ordinary in Venice

    Though some exhibits and pavilions disappointed Aaron Betsky at this year's Venice Biennale, he did find that the theme of "common ground" can still provide a place for documentation, experimentation, and social action.

  • Architecture That Inspires Exercise

    The parkour, or freestyle, movement is a sport that invites kids and adults alike to treat the city as a gymnasium. One great example is the MountMitte climber's paradise in Berlin, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • Printing LEDs on Paper

    Illuminated wallpaper or light-emitting curtains could happen, thanks to a new process for developing LEDs, reports Blaine Brownell.

  • Making Landscapes from Bottle Caps

    Artist Heidi Fowler uses bottle caps filled with junk mail to make beautiful landscapes for an exhibit in Maryland, writes Blaine Brownell.