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  • Lebbeus Woods: The Alchemist

    Aaron Betsky remembers Lebbeus Woods, who in the mid-1980s, became a revolutionary with the stroke of pencil, blowing up our preconception of what buildings or landscapes could be merely by drawing evocative alternatives.

  • The Elegant Second Life of Coke Bottles

    Japanese design studio Nendo has developed a second life for Coca-Cola bottles in a new line of dishware called Bottleware.

  • From Fashion to Furniture: Material Transfer in Design

    Italian company Yet/Matilde transforms a soft material from the fashion world into a rigid substance for the realm of furnishings, marking an intriguing example of technology transfer with much future potential.

  • Who Cares Who's a Licensed Architect?

    The architecture profession around the world often seems more interested in protecting its status than in promoting the cause of good architecture, Aaron Betsky says. And that extends to the issue of licensing, too.

  • The Single-Practice Architectural Exhibit: Substance or Advertising?

    Blaine Brownell visits 'Building: Inside Studio Gang Architects' at the Art Institute of Chicago and wonders if exhibits in which architects help curate mean that content gives way to marketing.

  • What's Trending Reflects a Return to Order

    Comfort is king? Aaron Betsky isn't so sure he likes how we're hearkening back to older times in an attempt to be progressive.

  • Architects, it's Time to Wow Us Again

    Foster & Partners was chosen to redesign 425 Park Avenue, and Aaron Betsky fears that yet another bland box will hit New York's skyline. It's time to break out of boring boxes, he says.

  • The Ideological Divide Between Cities and Suburbs

    The line between cities and suburbs is generally the line between Democrats and Republicans. Aaron Betsky says that this also represents the preference for community or isolation.

  • DNA Testing to Trace Lumber's Origins

    Illegal logging and forged certification threaten the integrity of sustainable lumber. Solving the problem is DNA testing for wood, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • Urbasee Anchors Virtual Architecture to Context

    French company Urbasee designs GPS-enabled software for iPads that tethers virtual models to life or locates models on proposed sites, Blaine Brownell reports.