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  • Billings Index Continue to Show Recovery for Architecture

    For the fifth month in a row, and for eight of the past nine months, the latest Architecture Billings Index (released in mid-October by the American Institute of Architects) shows growth in demand for the design and construction industry. All regions and sectors also report more billings, yet again.

  • Growth Has Become the Norm, as Architecture Billings Speed Up in August

    For nearly the entire past year, the Architecture Billings Index has shown growth in demand for the design and construction industry, signaling a design industry whose footing is on much more stable ground than in the recent past.

  • Far and Away

    Polhemus Savery DaSilva specializes in building second homes in the traditional Cape Cod vernacular and is especially adept at working with clients who come to the Cape from afar.

  • ADP: 135,000 Jobs Added in May; 5,000 in Construction and 42,000 in Professional Services

    ADP and Moody's Analytics released their May employment report, which shows mildly stronger job growth than had been seen in April. Jobs were added in construction and professional services, as well as in the service sector, but lost in manufacturing.

  • LEED and Building Rating Policies States Map

    Under pressure from industry, some states are turning against using LEED as a building performance rating system.

  • Passive Aggressive

    Green design/build firm GO Logic launched in a down market and is enjoying great success with affordable and cutting-edge green houses.

  • Architecture Billings Index April 2013: Shrink for First Time in Nine Months

    The latest Architecture Billings Index, released in mid-May by the American Institute of Architects, shows that the eight-month-long streak of growth in the design and construction industry came to an end in April.

  • Architecture Billings Up for Eighth Consecutive Month

    March’s Architecture Billings Index, released in mid-April by the American Institute of Architects, shows growth in the design and construction industry for the eighth consecutive month, albeit at a slower rate of growth than in February.

  • Doug Ford Holds the Line on Custom Building's True Value

    Over time, Santa Barbara, Calif., -based custom builder Doug Ford built a business that reflects that philosophy, investing in the staff, infrastructure, and systems required to handle the most elaborate residential projects—and their relationship-conscious owners—as a matter of routine.

  • Interior Design Billings Index Sees First Drop in Over a Year

    Though the Interior Design Billings Index contracted for the first time in a long string of optimistic months, the American Society of Interior Designers economist still counts on more growth for 2013.