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    In the past year and a half, Edward Mazria's 2030 manifesto has taken on a momentum of its own. Until recently, the 67-year-old architect was a principal in the successful Santa Fe, N.M., practice of Mazria Riskin Odems and lecturing about global warming on the side.

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    To satisfy the world's growing housing needs in a sustainable way, many experts are recommending building up, not out. Whether that approach translates into structures of six or 60 stories, it will certainly result in denser neighborhoods, which generally consume fewer resources than sprawling ones...

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    Say green design, and what comes to mind are geothermal heat pumps, tankless hot water heaters, and roofs that plug into the sun. The most recognizable green features are also the priciest, and sustainable design is still viewed as an upgrade that only the well-off can afford. While there's some...