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  • Accessory Buildings Becoming a Popular Addition to Custom Homes

    Shelters for our feathered friends are being factored into custom home building as of late.

  • Solar-Integrated Roofing Makes a Splash

    New roofing helps solar panels hide in plain sight.

  • Employee Benefits Often Are in Danger When Firm Revenues Erode

    Some firms are struggling to keep offering perks to employees in the down economy.

  • A Northern California bath mixes teak and tile

    William Duff Architects designs a relaxing master bath that opens to a private garden.

  • More Architects Are Working From Home to Save Money

    If you've considered abandoning your commercial digs for the comfort and low overhead of home, you're not alone. The number of home-based entrepreneurs is likely to boom over the next few years.

  • venerable voices

    "Fasten your seat belts, because things happen very quickly. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to hold onto staff when you don't have the work. Because of the diversity of our projects, we didn't really feel the last two downturns, but combined w

  • our town

    Ross Chapin, AIA, who helped draft design guidelines for his town of Langley, Wash., recalls a developer who proposed a 54-unit-per-acre downtown housing complex for the elderly. The building was 150 feet long and three stories high and had no façade chan

  • splitting hairs

    If architects get 25 percent of the work they go after, that's a good percentage, but that also means that for 75 percent of the work, someone is calling to say they didn't get it,” says David Hollenberg, AIA. Since June 2006, when he became university ar

  • on thin ice?

    It's been a little over a year since the housing market hit the skids. The U.S. Census Bureau marked November 2005 as the beginning of the slide, and throughout 2006 new-home sales steadily lost ground, dropping about 20 percent nationwide.

  • good vibes

    Here are 12 tips for a schematic design checklist, adapted from Feng Shui: A Practical Guide for Architects and Designers by Vincent M. Smith and Barbara Lyons Stewart, AIA.