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  • Monstrum's Amazing Playgrounds

    Danish playground design firm Monstrum performs magic.

  • An Inflatable Annex for the Hirshhorn Museum

    Liz Diller's TED Talk on Diller, Scofido + Renfro's inflatable addition to the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C.

  • Net-zero Homes for the Aleutian Islands

    If you think designing a truly efficient building for your region is a challenge, try making one work in Alaska's Aleutian Islands.

  • Pod Houses, With and Without Wheels

    Maybe I'm just nostalgic for the days when my shelter needs were simpler, but I'm fascinated with compact, portable dwelling pods.

  • Highlights From Georgetown House Tour

    On Saturday I took the Georgetown House Tour, an annual Washington, D.C., institution put on by St. John's Episcopal Church. Of particular interest to me were the three architects' own houses on the tour.

  • Smart House? How About a Smart City?

    A company called Living PlanIT is building a new city in northern Portugal that will apply computer monitoring and control technology to the task of managing an entire urban environment.

  • Can You Find the Sewage Treatment Plant in this Picture?

    Last week on vacation in Florida, my family and I visited the Green Cay Wetlands, a constructed wetland and nature preserve that also serves as the final-stage treatment facility for municipal wastewater.

  • House & Home at Nat'l Building Museum

    Last night I attended a press preview for the National Building Museum's House & Home exhibition.

  • Open-Plan Backlash?

    In my experience, homeowners have over the past decade expressed a consistent desire to have the kitchen and living/dining or family rooms completely integrated. Are people now moving back toward wanting a clearer division of spaces?

  • Great Buildings on TV

    Public television station WTTW Chicago is at work on a program about "ten influential American buildings that changed the way we live, work, and play."