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  • Uh-oh, DIY Architecture

    Since there's an app for everything, why not for architecture? So asks the uncharacteristically credulous New York Times.

  • Foreign Buyers Take Larger Share of US Housing

    On visits last fall with custom builders and architects in Phoenix, I was surprised to hear how much of their clientele is Canadian. But

  • Architecture for Humanity's Art Auction

    The nonprofit Architecture for Humanity is auctioning off over 70 artworks by architects as a fundraising effort.

  • Urban Planning, Health, and Happiness

    It may be going too far to pin the blame for obesity, depression, and the breakdown of communities on poor land-use patterns.

  • Straw Bale SIPs

    Ontario, Canada-based NatureBuilt Wall Systems produces structural panels--BioSIPs--that are insulated with straw instead of polyurethane foam.

  • Before--and After--Sprawl

    The New Urbanists have been asking--and answering--that question for long enough now that we have a pretty clear idea of how we abandoned the Belfast model in favor of Sprawlville, but we've been frustratingly slow to turn away from that dead end.

  • Aging in (Which?) Place

    Having grown up in a suburb, I've chosen as an adult to live only in cities and small towns.

  • Frameless Solar Panels

    Frameless photovoltaic panels clean shape presents lots of opportunities for more integrated designs.

  • Family-Friendly Downtowns

    Urban designer Sarah Snider, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP, is part of a new project that examines the relationship of cities to their residents.

  • Nils Finne's New Video

    Seattle architect Nils Finne's smart, low-key use of Internet marketing to spread the word about his firm helps secure work across the country.