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  • Bank of America to Rent Back Foreclosed Houses

    I know that banks prefer not to be landlords, but under the current circumstances, this foreclosure-to-rental pilot program seems like plain common sense.

  • Safer-Table Saw Law Proposed

    Mandating injury mitigation technology in table saws, as in a recently proposed California law, seems like a fine idea to me

  • High Temperature Geothermal Heat Pump

    This new unit from WaterFurnace delivers water at 150 degrees fahrenheit, hot enough for use with existing radiators and baseboard convectors.

  • Modern Houseboat Development in Amsterdam

    While offering owners the incomparable experience of living on the water, this development by Dutch architect Marlies Rohmer also proved an ideal application for prefabrication.

  • Blower Door Test

    We finally did a blower-door test done on our old (early 19th c.) house yesterday, and the results were quite a revelation.

  • American Architects in China

    It looks as if the streets are paved with gold for young architects in China.

  • Skyscrapers of the Future--and Now

    eVolo Magazine recently announced the winners of its 2012 Skyscraper Competition, which range from compelling to whimsical to too clever by half. Meanwhile, here's a visionary skyscraper--not part of the competition--that's actually getting built.

  • More Photos of Villa Tugendhat

    My colleague Shelley Hutchins wrote a fine story on the just-completed restoration of Mies van der Rohe's Villa Tugendhat.

  • Minka

    This beautiful short documentary film tells the story of an 18th-century minka--the traditional Japanese post-and-beam farmhouse--that was rescued, dismantled, and rebuilt as a modern home.

  • Architects' Food Blogs

    Today I stumbled across another architect's food blog, this one from the talented L.A. firm fleetwood/fernandez. It's called pan comido.