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  • Merit Award: Key Peninsula, Gig Harbor, Wash.

    Sustainbly built waterfront home connects residents to the outdoors while retaining some inspirations--and materials--from the cabin it replaced.

  • Innovations in Home Building Rethink Status Quo

    New residential design concepts challenge old rules relating to suburban zoning, construction methods, and neighborhood planning.

  • the point house, montana

    This is a lovely house, set low, and doesn't make a statement," a judge said. But it has plenty to say about the landscape. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson devised a long, linear platform that treads lightly on the land.

  • solar sandwich

    David Vandervort Architects: Silicon Energy's Cascade Series PV modules.

  • triple play

    David Vandervort Architects: 3form USA's Varia ecoresin line of translucent architectural panels.

  • lovely leftovers

    David Vandervort Architects: Tiger Mountain Innovations' Squak Mountain Stone.

  • seamless install

    David Vandervort Architects: AEP Span's Design Span hp standing seam.

  • the modern hut

    Everyone loves the idea of camping. Part of the allure is in breaking down the barriers between human and landscape. Peeling off our layers of protective covering, we expose our nerve endings to keener feeling. We revel in small observations that typically escape our notice, while at the same time...

  • using mass media and technology to promote good design

    Rethinking how to communicate with clients.

  • big house, little house: market meets demand

    Gary L. Brewer, AIA, a partner at New York-based Robert A.M. Stern Architects (RAMSA), focused his breakout session on the divide between modernist residential architecture designed for "patron" clients and traditional houses designed for the middle marke