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  • These Tiles are Made from Your Old PET Computer’s Screen

    One small tile manufacturer is looking to make a dent in landfill waste from electronics with a new line of backsplash tiles and coasters.

  • misha/twaddell residence, san jose, calif.

    Because one of the clients for this California project uses a wheelchair, the architects designed it with accessibility in mind. But they were careful not to make it feel institutional, an achievement the judges admired.

  • the business of making art

    Bruce Tomb had no clear plans in 1984 when he hand-cast a basin for a gallery exhibition in Santa Clara, Calif. As an art piece, Sacred Basin was successful, but “it wasn't done with the intent to become a product,” the San Francisco-based designer says.

  • paseo senter at coyote creek, san jose, calif.

    David Baker, FAIA, LEED AP, and Kevin Wilcock, AIA, created a pedestrian-friendly main street through the middle of this affordable housing community—a move the judges applauded.

  • aia cote selects top 10 green projects

  • shelter and delight: improving the livability, affordability, and sustainability of america's housing

    David Baker, FAIA, LEED AP, knows the difficulty—and necessity—of providing shelter and delight on a budget.

  • torqued house, los altos hills, calif.

    The site for this northern California house begins in a meadow and continues up a wooded hill. To engage both of these aspects, architect Mark L. Donohue, AIA, divided the copper mesh-covered home into three stepped pavilions that torque to take in variou

  • global warmington

    Vantage of Palo Alto, Calif., is the largest solar-powered residential project ever built in the city.

  • case study: homesafe, san jose, calif.

    The developer of HomeSafe, a community for battered women and their children, approached Studio E Architects with an interesting challenge. In addition to the usual affordable housing request—good design on a shoestring budget—they also wanted the project to fit into a co-housing format.

  • residential architect design awards 2004

    This isn't our design awards program, it's yours. You enter your best work and your peers judge which shall rise above the rest. We editors stand back and watch, always fascinated to see what gets entered and what gets chosen. As flies on the wall, we can