Other stories by S. Claire Conroy

  • we want our truths self-evident

    How do you describe the value architects bring to residential design? I've been working this question since I began editing this magazine seven years ago. And I know many architects struggle with this, too.

  • green by the book

    Dedicated green designers struggle mightily to keep up with changes in eco-building products. But they have a valuable resource in the

  • hurricane haven

    At just 308 square feet, Marianne Cusato's Katrina Cottage is a tiny thing, but it made a big impression at its recent International Builders' Show debut in Orlando, Fla.

  • how green is green enough?

    This is our annual issue dedicated to sustainable residential design. When covering this topic, we're inevitably pushed into making a devil's bargain. We won't sacrifice our notion of good design just to show something “green.” We'll always select a house

  • go ahead and break some rules

    a substantial part of an architect's job is to ensure compliance with building codes, zoning regulations, architectural guidelines.

  • in plain sight

    The trouble with being a visionary is sometimes you have to wait 30 years for the rest of the world to catch up to you.

  • aqua moderne

    Ponder this: You're at work, juggling the obligations of your thriving practice, and then you hear the chirp, squawk of the fax machine. Once you recover from your surprise that anyone still faxes anything, you take a look. It's an invitation to drop everything you're doing, buy a triple-shot...

  • eye of the storm

    Scott Merrill, AIA, knows something about storms. Toiling in hurricane alley while building out the New Urbanist communities of Seaside and now Windsor in Vero Beach, Fla, has cemented Merrill's practical side. His first design objective is to protect the occupants of his houses and secure their...

  • the man in the machine

    I admit I provoked our cover guy, Scott Merrill (“Eye of the Storm”), to talk about the divide between modern and traditional architects. At this point in his career, he really couldn't care less about the anachronistic debate that still consumes others in the profession. He's much more interested...

  • railing about handrails

    Twice a year or so, I receive letters to the editor about handrails. These letters gently or not so gently reproach us for the projects we run without rails where the codebook claims they should be. The pace of those letters just picked up with the publication of our July cover photo of David...