Other stories by S. Claire Conroy

  • what custom really means

    What truly qualifies as a custom home? Houses that are designed from scratch for a particular site and a specific client's program. A real human being's program—not a hypothetical demographic profile, even if it's very narrowly defined.

  • chez boomers

    We've heard a lot about baby boomers in the last decade or so, usually accompanied by phrases like “800-pound gorilla.” No wonder experts have been analyzing the weighty impact of this group in all arenas of modern life.

  • fitting in

    In many parts of the country, we're running out of buildable land for single-family housing. The solution in my neck of the woods is the teardown or infill house.

  • unsung heroes

    remembering the candlepower behind our bright lights.

  • domestic tranquility

    One of the few prominent women architects in Norway during the last century, Wenche Selmer came of age during the post–World War II reconstruction boom.

  • home of the brave?

    We may be the land of the free and the home of the brave, but we're not very free or very brave when it comes to designing our homes.

  • the pitfalls of selling process, continued

    Are you best friends with the people you work with? It can happen, and it can be just great.

  • visualizing our world of p's

    Here at the magazine we're in a contemplative state of mind. Last month we reached a milestone: 10 years of covering the people, projects, and products that stand out in the architecture field.

  • credit where it's due

    This issue marks ra's 10th anniversary.

  • what were they thinking?

    Here at ra, we look forward to our design awards competition every year, always excited about what our jury of architects will elevate to Project of the Year.