Other stories by S. Claire Conroy

  • vacation from reality

    There's something different, or should be, about a house designed from the ground up as an escape from the routine and complexity of everyday life.

  • designing and building for the long haul

  • remembering judy

    I've worked in magazine journalism for 25 years now. I was in my early 20s when I started, and so was nearly everyone else I worked with at the time.

  • across the lake

    Although I leave the decision making on awards to our independent jury of architects, I have to admit I always have a few personal favorites among their choices. One project in particular our judges singled out continues to resonate for me.

  • do diligence

    Not long ago, I made my obligatory pilgrimage to the NAHB's International Builders' Show. I've been going to the trade show for about 16 years now—since it was the plain old Homebuilders' Show—so I've seen some trends come and go. And I've seen attendance steadily rise until, most recently and for...

  • let there be light

    My family thinks if the sun has set outside, then it's time to use every available watt to illuminate the interior of the house. I, on the other hand, believe ambient light inside the house should follow the circadian rhythm of the day.

  • watch your language

    The word "educate" has been wildly misappropriated by members of various professions, and architects, alas, are no exception. I respectfully suggest you banish the word—and all the patronizing thinking it encourages—from your practice.

  • pitched battle

    You may notice a theme in our choices for this year's

  • show us your '70s house

    As I write this, 20 universities have taken over the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to demonstrate the potential of solar power in housing. Those of us who remember the '70s can smile at the exuberance of students rediscovering these technologies. Thi

  • are you a winner?

    If you're lucky in your clients and your abilities, you design lovely houses all the time. When they're done, you're delighted to put them up on your Web site or in your portfolio without resorting to hours of Photoshop intervention. And your clients are delighted to tell their friends about how...