Other stories by S. Claire Conroy

  • work on your welcome

    Do potential clients turn away before they reach your door?

  • starvation diet

    Why live on chips and salsa, when you can have the whole enchilada?

  • a disservice to the house

    Everyone is lamenting the deflation of the housing bubble. But there''s at least one bright side to its departure.

  • tennessee squire

    What happens when a former city planner puts his time, effort, and money where his mouth is? The first LEED Platinum housing in Tennessee.

  • living large

    How small a space do you think you could live in—happily and for a long period of time?

  • what's next for michelle kaufmann?

    From the editor: Tuesday night I got a call from Michelle Kaufmann, AIA, LEED AP, with the "sad news," as she called it, that her company was closing up shop. Sad news, indeed. Michelle Kaufmann Designs was residential architect magazine's Top Firm for 2008. How quickly businesses can unravel in...

  • back to the bauhaus box

    Given the country's dire economic state, many pundits are predicting a shift from the conspicuous consumption of luxury products to more humble displays.

  • the new, new reality

    Looking back reveals many similarities to previous downturns—and one big difference.

  • what plays in peoria

    I admit it, I am powerless against my addiction to television house shows.

  • what's bred in the zone

    Despite public perception, most experienced architects I've talked with don't prefer the proverbial “blank slate” commission.