Other stories by S. Conroy

  • the big plume

    Our residential architect Design Awards program has grown stronger in quality and quantity every year. We started out nine years ago with a respectable 300 entries, and the number has climbed steadily ever since—until this year, when it made a big leap up.

  • the architect is in

    McInturff Architects' second monograph, In Residence (The Images Publishing Group, 2007), takes up the body of work completed since 2000.

  • School of Hard Knocks

    It seems like everyone—novice and pro—became a real estate speculator during the housing boom. The go-go momentum inspired a number of residential architects to try their hand at investing as well. You might think this combination of enterprise and good taste would strike pay dirt in areas starved...

  • reinventing the american house

    So much money goes into bringing houses to market, so much financial burden to bear, it's no wonder builders are risk adverse. And so they aim for the perceived mainstream with designs that are only slightly tweaked over the years. They cling to conventional wisdom as if their lives depended on it...

  • the dangers of digital cameras

    When karaoke machines came out, suddenly everyone thought he was Frank Sinatra. Now digital cameras are clicking up a storm, and everyone thinks he's Ansel Adams.