Other stories by Rebecca Day

  • slim pickings

    the skinny on television's near future.

  • disappearing act

    The flat-panel TV—plasma or LCD—has become both status symbol and style statement. Even so, to many, a TV is still a visual intrusion, no matter how thin it may be. The custom electronics challenge facing today's designers: how to hide the plasma TV?

  • new perspective

    After two failed attempts to corner the market on TV and PC convergence, Microsoft's Vista operating system will try to make the third time the charm.

  • musical intelligence

    an advanced plug-and-play system caters whole-house audio control to the information age.

  • standardizing multiroom audio

  • catch the a-bus

    whole-house audio integration drives ahead.

  • power play

    The question isn't whether a networked system will be an amenity in the home of the future. The question is which

  • future-proofed

    In a tract-home development, electronics subcontractors have the luxury of designing in a predictable array of audio systems, home networking gear, and maybe a home theater. They offer cookie-cutter packages, and then home buyers either opt in or out of t

  • look what's talking

    Last century, X10 was synonymous with affordable home control. This century's de facto control standard for the mainstream market has yet to be crowned, but various home-control platforms are vying for bragging rights. Some use power lines, some use the Internet protocol, and others operate over...

  • network news

    These days, high-end home buyers expect to have music in every room and a palette of viewing options at every TV. Internet in every room isn't far behind, making cable and data outlets as much a part of the room planning as the AC wiring.