Other stories by Lindsey M. Roberts

  • Temporary Olympic Structures Let London's Icons Shine

    Jeff Keas, project design lead for Populous for the London Olympics, talks to ARCHITECT about how not building show-stopping buildings caters to London's strengths: already built iconic and historic sites.

  • Object: Chris Boardman's Lotus Type 108 Olympic Pursuit Bike

    An Olympic bike is one object among many featured at the London Design Museum's "Designed to Win" exhibit, about all the gear that helped athletes with their gold, silver, and bronze victories. Through Nov. 18.

  • AIA Awards 2012 Diversity Scholarships

    The American Institute of Architects awards its Minority Disadvantaged Scholarship of up to $4,000 each to four architecture-students-to-be.

  • London 2012 Olympics Stadium is Latest in String of Award Nominees

    Just in time for the Olympics, the Populous-designed Olympic Stadium is nominated for a Royal Institute of British Architects’ 2012 Stirling Prize.

  • Book: 'Up on the Roof'

    A trained-architect-turned-photographer-pilot turns his camera on the rooftop lives of New York City, to find pools, gardens, restaurants, and more.

  • Exhibit: 'The Outdoor Office'

    With studies proving the benefits of natural light and exposure to nature, Jonathan Olivares proposes a new typology: the outdoor office. Through July 15.

  • Podcast: Place Matters

    Taking urban architecture to the airwaves, Katherine Loflin delivers a weekly podcast on placemaking.

  • Exhibit: 'Chinese American Architects in Los Angeles'

    As part of the Pacific Standard Time consortium of exhibits, the Chinese American Museum highlights four architects who helped build L.A. Through June 3.

  • Book: 'Writing About Architecture'

    Alexandra Lange, an architectural critic and a writer for Design Observor, teaches us all to take a second look at buildings in her primer on reading and writing architecture criticism.

  • Book: 'The Nature of Place'

    An architecture professor describes eleven architecture and urban environments that have that elusive authentic, sense-of-place quality--with lessons to be learned in each.