Other stories by Frank Harmon

  • Front Royal, Virginia

    At this house the owners planted a plum tree and a Japanese maple in the front garden to match the color of their porch. Their house is made of Shenandoah stone, honey colored stucco, and a type of metal roof made in Virginia since 1800.

  • The Wisdom of the Tobacco Barn

    Tobacco barns are an example of the universal made particular, and are a monument to the native wisdom of farmers who knew their place in the land

  • Building in the Face of Danger

    Fisherman's houses in Salterpath. N.C. that have survived hurricanes for more than 100 years.

  • Native Places Ash Lawn

    James Monroe's modest home at Ash Lawn benefits form cooling breezes and shade, demonstrating that the best sustainable features are free.