Other stories by FAIA

  • Playing Defense

    Part two in a three-part series on balancing design and business.

  • Unbuilt Washington

    The Architect of the Capitol surveys the city of Washington that almost was, in an exhibit at the National Building Museum.

  • Missouri Bank Branches

    Kansas City, Mo. / Helix Architecture + Design

  • Center Stage

    Architecture centers fill the gap between design matters and the public interest.

  • Barrio Historico House

    2011 Annual Design Review: Live: Citation

  • native speaker

    a new englander comes to terms with the nuances of vernacular architecture.

  • a cautionary tale

    For Philadelphia-based architect, Susan Maxman, FAIA, building in the Bahamas was not a vacation in paradise.

  • numbers game

    Our generation has become very adept at quantifying things. We “crunch the numbers” with great efficiency. But I believe we have too often lost sight of the bigger picture in doing so, ending up with undesirable results. The design of our homes, and the construction of them as well, is falling...

  • a tale of two houses

    Philip Johnson's Glass House is often cited as his best building. While it was completed before Mies van der Rohe's house for Dr. Edith Farnsworth, it is generally considered derivative of that project, even though the all-glass house was hardly invented by Mies.

  • foreign affairs

    Affordable housing in any country is highly regulated and constrained by conditions ranging from building codes to societal attitudes. In designing public housing in Japan, we have been exposed to constraints and opportunities that are very different from anything we had previously faced. The...