Other stories by Blaine%20Brownell

  • Olympic Cauldron Celebrates Collective Olympic Experience

    Thomas Heatherwick's kit-of-parts style shows itself in this year's Olympic Cauldron, made up of about 200 hundred petals that represent each participating country. It also furthers this Olympic's inclusionary theme.

  • Robotic Jellyfish Made from Plastic and Rat Muscle

    Biology, engineering, materials science, and design come together to make a rat-muscle-based, synthetic, swimming jellyfish, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • Researchers Confirm Existence of Dark Matter

    Scientists at the University of Michigan discovered a filament of dark matter that connects two galaxies, Blaine Brownell reports, giving evidence to the previously undetectable skeleton that imparts structure to the universe.

  • 3D-Printing Vasculature with Sugar

    Inspired by the "Body Worlds" exhibit, University of Pennsylvania postdoctoral fellow Jordan Miller thought of the idea to 3D print freestanding vascular networks separately from other tissues, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • When Our Technology Senses Us

    Zoomimicry, or the emulation of animal behaviors, is making our technology more lifelike than ever, Blaine Brownell writes. It’s a powerful concept that will help bridge humans and our tools, but will we be able to overcome our fears and embrace it?

  • The Implications of Object-Duping

    Much like the copy-and-paste music revolution (remember Napster?), Blaine Brownell predicts a 3D copy-and-paste object revolution.

  • A Tower for Bees

    Buzz buzz ... architecture students at the University of Buffalo have designed a skyscsraper for bees, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • New Super Plastic to Compete With Steel

    High-strength plastics are increasingly used in the place of steel, ceramics, and other heavy materials with high embodied energy. And researchers in Tel Aviv, Israel, have just discovered an even higher-strength plastic, reports Blaine Brownell.

  • Material Innovations Introduced at Green Nation Fest

    Green Nation Fest, held in Rio de Janeiro, preceded Rio+20 and paved the way for environmental discussions on forestry, food, product design and architecture. But what intrigued Blaine Brownell were the innovative material approaches.

  • Report from the 2012 World Expo in South Korea, Part Four

    At the Yeosu World Expo, Blaine Brownell finds dynamic brick walls that reconfigure themselves—suggesting a future in which walls can convey important information, supply temporary seating or storage, or provide targeted shading.