Other stories by Aaron Betsky

  • Design Finishes Last in the 2012 Olympic Games

    Zaha Hadid, Foreign Office Architects, Thomas Heatherwick, and Anish Kapoor, among others, were behind London's Olympic Games, but from NBC's coverage, you'd hardly know, Aaron Betsky says.

  • Architecture Think Tank Promotes "Hardcorism" Manifesto

    A manifesto for the "hardcorism" architectural theory is making its way around the Web, but Aaron Betsky has his doubts about how hardcore it actually is.

  • A Taiwan Port Attests to the Vagaries of Competitions

    Architectural competitions invite grand, visionary ideas, but the built realities are often a letdown, says Aaron Betsky after visiting a competition-winning, built project in Fugee, Taiwan.

  • Is It Getting Warmer Here?

    When weird weather blows in we become hyper-aware of our surroundings. Aaron Betsky discusses the latest storm to rock the East Coast, and what it means for architecture.

  • Sudzal: Lost in a Fairytale

    Walking through the Russian town of Sudzal is like stepping back in time, Aaron Betsky says. The more he sees the more he wonders whether the town should risk its architectural integrity by trying to freeze the buildings in time.

  • Gerhard Kallmann: Remembering the Discipline

    Aaron Betsky reflects on the work and teachings of the late architect Gerhard Kallman, and how Kallman pushed him to think beyond the square.

  • Kassel II: The Resolutely Unreal

    Further investigation of Documenta 13 by Aaron Betsky reveals art that's a cross between sound and installation, object-art, and more.

  • Theaster Gates and Tino Sehgal at Home in Documenta

    Kassel, Germany's annual Documenta started as a showcase for Western freedom and creativity, and continues this year with a focus on refugees and political repression, Aaron Betsky reports. tino sehgal documenta

  • Corcoran and New York Public Library: In Place?

    Aaron Betsky looks at the pros and cons of adapting our historic museums and libraries to today's needs.