Other stories by AIA

  • Hands On

    Hidden support systems help keep these two designs simple.

  • Fun with Stairs

    The wonderful thing about designing a stair is the opportunity it presents for playfulness.

  • Production House Proud

    The role of chairperson of the AIA Housing Committee has allowed me to meet and speak with residential architects from across the country about housing design and community-related issues.

  • face the future

    I watched my grandfather mix paint from linseed oil and pigment. I watched my father excavate, frame, plumb, wire, heat, roof, and finish houses.

  • client commandments

    If I sense that a prospective client has a sense of humor, or is going to be “troublesome,” I'll give them a copy of the attached. I don't know whether it accomplishes anything in their minds, but at least I've deluded myself into thinking that my rear end is covered.