What's a short-term lighting sculpture worth to you? For the backers of San Francisco's new Bay Bridge light sculpture, the answer is $8 million. But the hidden dollars are in the projected boost to the local economy. The backers estimate that the lights will bring $97 million to businesses in the area, such as restaurants and boat-cruise tours. The light sculpture, called Bay Lights, was designed by artist Leo Villareal and has a permit to operate for two years. The 1.8 miles of the bridge are illuminated each night from dusk to 2 a.m. with 25,000 LED lights. Those of us that can't visit in person, can enjoy the videos put together by The New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle (below), and by the group that helped organize the sculpture, nonprofit Illuminate the Arts (below). Each night, you can also watch a live stream of the lights once the sky goes dark. • thebaylights.org

Video courtesy of the 
San Francisco Chronicle

Video courtesy Illuminate the Arts