BUILDER magazine, residential architect's sister publication, will unveil its latest idea house during the 2010 International Builders' Show (IBS) in Las Vegas. The BUILDER Concept Home 2010: A Home for the New Economy, designed by Marianne Cusato, reflects a dramatic shift in how homes are designed, built, maintained, and lived in, and its presentation mirrors builders' changing priorities as well. For the 2010 project, BUILDER is forgoing its usual brick-and-mortar show home at IBS and instead is building a virtual show home, which will launch January 19 at

"Our goal this year is to respect and reflect what's going on in the housing industry right now, and present what we believe is the model for the future," said Boyce Thompson, BUILDER's editorial director, in a statement about the concept home. "Building a large, luxury show home just to accommodate attendees during IBS wouldn't be very helpful to builders across the country who are searching for practical and profitable solutions."

The Home for the New Economy is geared to help home builders reexamine what and how they build. Cusato, designer of the diminutive Katrina Cottage, designed a 1,700-square-foot, four-bedroom, 3.5-bath house that demonstrates four principles key to housing's ultimate recovery—adaptability, sustainability, buildability, and livability—and incorporates durable, sustainable products, materials, and finishes. The house will illustrate what's working today, why it's working, and how these principles apply not only to professional builders, but also to homeowners around the country.

Once launches, visitors will be able to take a customized virtual tour of the home, which will include multimedia features such as an audio tour guide, pop-up windows, video clips, and renderings of each room, as well as 3-D floor plans. Visitors will be able to follow any path through the house they choose, jumping from room in any order. The Concept Home team members, including designer Cusato and building scientist Mark LaLiberte, will present information about the home's design, performance, and marketability along with information about featured products in 16 different video clips.

Visit the site now and register for notifications of when the design goes live.

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