Bjarke Ingels Group

Bjarke Ingels Group's BIG Maze, announced this week by the National Building Museum, looks like a fun summer folly. I'll grant you that.

And it looks like a reasonably challenging maze, too. The 61-foot-by-61-foot maze, designed by BIG and built from Baltic birch plywood, is much larger in scope than the renderings suggest. Take a look at the floorplan:

Bjarke Ingels Group

Every labyrinth needs a minotaur, though, and that's what the BIG Maze is missing: a challenge. After all, this maze gets easier as you proceed through it. The 18-foot-tall walls actually descend in height as you navigate toward the center, meaning that someone standing in the middle of the maze can easily find the exit.

That's why ARCHITECT decided to add some bad guys.

The BIG Maze opens in July, so save your rupees and stock up on red potions.