1. John Storer House: $6.9 million

Located on Hollywood Boulevard, this is one of Wright’s four Southern California textile block houses. The architect built the house in 1923 for John Storer, a surgeon from Wisconsin who pursued a career in real estate after failing his medical license exam. Storer then moved out only five years later.

2. Alice Millard House/La Miniatura: $3.995 million

Scott Mayoral

La Miniatura is one of Wright’s earliest Usonian designs and the first of his textile block houses. "I would rather have built this little house than St. Peter's in Rome," the architect supposedly once said about the Pasadena, Calif.–property. Built in 1923, Wright was originally commissioned to build the house by book dealer Alice Millard for $17,000. It can be yours now for quite a bit more than that.

3. Cooke House: $3.75 million

One of three Wright-designed houses in Virginia, the Cooke House features the solar hemicycle shape that the architect was known for. The original owners, Andrew and Maude Cooke, wroteweaetxdyvaydzcwq Wright in 1951, asking him to design their dream house in Virginia Beach. He drew a rendering in 1953 and delivered plans in 1957, but construction did not begin until 1959, two weeks before Wright’s death.

4. Buehler House: $3.35 million

Built in Orinda, Calif., in 1948 for Maynard and Katherine Buehler, this house features the Usonian design and many Wright-designed furniture pieces. The grounds feature a Japanese garden landscape that were designed by landscape architect Henry Matsutani.

5. Isidore H. Heller House: $2.43 million

Located in Chicago’s Hyde Park, this 1897 house is a departure from the ornamented style of his boss Louis Sullivan, and is an early introduction to Wright’s future Prairie-style houses. Some say this is one of the first residences to look have a “Wright look.”