Here’s an outdoor living room to dream of, and a spot-on response to one family’s request for “a sunrise to sunset outdoor gathering place.” Story Pool House is set on a plateau with expansive views of Texas Hill Country. The site that the pool house stands on now is where a vintage Airstream trailer used to sit.

It was chosen because it was where the owners and their friends were naturally drawn to gather—away from the house, it was a logical spot for the family oasis. Built-ins, made from locally harvested limestone and Spanish Cedar, include a full working kitchen behind folding slatted wood doors, tip-top appliances, a screened bath area, and storage. The lean-to provides shelter from the rain and the sun.

A special place for the prized Airstream was even worked into the plan, and deftly, too—the trailer lives under an arbor in a grouping of trees. A long, skinny pool that’s perfect for laps and gets plenty of sunlight, completes the oasis vibe. This outdoor living room is a place to have friends over, to linger, and make a beautiful day last as long as possible.