Remember Sleeper, Woody Allen’s 1973 sci-fi comedy in which an altered state of mind was arrived at by handling an orb? Where ecstasy was achieved by stepping inside a cylindrical booth?

The location for Sleeper was Sculptured House, a Colorado home built by modernist architect Charles Deaton. Now, that futuroid 1970s pad has been reborn as a smart home, updated by an owner who wanted to bring the home’s sci-fi spirit forward. The remote-controlled house coordinates eight TVs, six audio areas, 13 climate zones, a security system, surveillance cameras, and more than 100 lighting loads. When it’s time to leave, a quick swipe at an iPhone (or iPod Touch, iPad, or other portable mobile device) is pretty much all it takes to shut down the house. The home control system, called ELAN g! is made by Elan Home Systems of Carlsbad, Calif.