Pharrell Williams.
Shawn Ahmed/Flickr via Creative Commons Pharrell Williams.

Pharrell Williams will no longer be appearing at the 2014 AIA National Convention, according to a tweet by the convention. The "Happy" musician and Buffalo hat aficionado reportedly had a "scheduling conflict" with the appearance, which was announced in March. The convention will be held on June 26-28 in Chicago.

Speaking in his stead is 40-year-old CEO Tony Hsieh. The current keynote appearances, as posted to the convention website:

  • Jeanne Gang, FAIA
  • Theaster Gates
  • Helene Combs Dreiling, FAIA
  • Stephen Chung, AIA
  • Rahm Emanuel
  • Ed Mazria, AIA
  • Majora Carter
  • Ellen Dunham-Jones, AIA
  • Robin Guenther, FAIA
  • Rachel Minnery, AIA
  • Tony Hsieh

Image (cropped): Shawn Ahmed/Flickr via Creative Commons