This news is a couple of weeks old, but in case you missed it: There is a new museum in Modena, Italy, dedicated to the work of automotive legend Enzo Ferrari.

The enzo ferrari birthplace museum, in this city of 175,000 between milan and bologna, includes the house where ferrari was born in 1898 as well as a new building designed with a shiny yellow aluminum roof made to look like the hood of a car, air vents and all. the house is attached to the workshop of ferrari’s father, a carpenter and mechanic for the italian railway.


The museum’s new building, spectacular on the outside with its yellow roof and curved glass facade, will hold temporary exhibits of historic racecars of all makes. the first exhibit will have 21 cars, a mix of ferraris, maseratis, alfa romeos and fiats that enzo ferrari raced in and built, including a 1914 alfa romeo 40-60 and a ferrari 125s from 1947, the first car to carry its maker’s name. visitors are greeted by the roar of racecar engines and an all-white interior with display areas made to look like car dashboards.

Automotive museums are typically just huge garages that do little to showcase cars as design objects. This building seems to do justice to its collection.

Sadly, its designer, Jan Kaplický, founder of the Czech architecture firm Future Systems, did not live to see the building completed.

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