If you're looking to fill holes in your bookshelves, consider these new and soon-to-be-published architecture books:

David M. Schwarz Architects 2002-2007 (Grayson Publishing, $75), a 200-page monograph by Robert L. Miller, covers the work of Washington, D.C.-based firm David M. Schwarz Architects from 2002-2007. Miller details how the firm draws on traditional style elements and applies them to modern architecture in innovative ways. Descriptions—along with photographs, floor plans, renderings, and other visuals of 18 projects—demonstrate the firm's diverse perspectives.

In Integrated Design—MITHUN (Ecotone Publishing, $46.95), David R. Macaulay examines Mithun's multidisciplinary approach to design and explores the firm's importance as leaders of sustainable design and urbanism. Macaulay chronicles the firm's practice, principles, and projects, providing case studies on some of the world's top-performing buildings and detailing seven of Mithun's principles for creating successful designs.

Architecture of the Cape Cod Summer: The Work of Polhemus Savery DaSilva—New Classicists (The Images Publishing Group, $90), with an essay by Michael J. Crosbie, features more than 20 of the firm's residential projects, exemplifying the New England island vernacular, as well as a few small institutional buildings through photography and drawings.

At first intended as a documentary project on the peculiar architectural vernacular and artifacts of New Orleans, Delirious New Orleans: Manifesto for an Extraordinary American City (University of Texas Press, $45), by Stephen Verderber was transformed by Hurricane Katrina into a historical record of the city prior to the disaster and a blueprint for rebuilding and restoring its unique character. A photo essay of pre- and post-Katrina New Orleans opens the book, followed by an illustrated tour of the city's commercial architecture and that of its African-American neighborhoods. Verderber discusses how the layers of the city's history, along with its elevation, shaped its unique built environment and how the devastating forces of nature and government disaster relief have changed it.

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