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Here's a view of the Ruck-a-Chucky bridge, easily one of the coolest bridges never built. #tbt

Détente in D-Town: Is the Nasher Sculpture Center's long national nightmare finally over? Michael Granberry breaks the news that Museum Tower has hired Hines to solve the glare problem that plagues the Nasher. Hines has the relevant experience: The Texas developer worked with Frank Gehry, FAIA, to reduce curb the glare from the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Everything is on the table, in terms of solutions, according to the report. Maybe we will yet see the solution proffered by New York firms REX and FRONT: a giant sculptural sun-shade erected between the Museum Tower and the Nasher to prevent glare from the former from melting landscape features at the latter. [The Dallas Morning News


Transit Tyranny in Tennessee:The Koch brothers are behind an effort to ban mass-transit projects across Tennessee. Now, I know how that reads—just mentioning the Koch brothers summons visions of shadowy, smoke-filled rooms where the dread vast right-wing conspiracy is drafted, and how can any group ban mass transit throughout an entire region? But read the report: The Tennessee branch of Americans For Prosperity, the lobbying interest founded by Charles and David Koch, was instrumental in passing a state senate bill that specifically targets the 7.1-mile bus-rapid-transit project for Nashville known as the Amp. Worse still, it would prohibit similar bus-rapid-transit schemes throughout Tennessee. That certainly sounds like big government dictating to local businesses and residents how they can and can't develop their communities. [The Tennessean]

Quote of the Day: "Human rights do not only apply in moments of constitutional crisis but in everyday life, where the work of architecture is generally conducted. Architects must be aware of the ethical dimensions of their projects to avoid what political theorist Hannah Arendt famously called 'the banality of evil'—the subtle trajectory from accepting a morally questionable project to becoming familiar enough with a problematic client that one stops questioning their programmes altogether." —Raphael Sperry [The Architectural Review]

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Video of the Day: Witness as 80 Amish men pick up and move a house with their bare hands! [New York Daily News]

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A house designed by John Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright, is on the market again—this time for $2.2 million. The house was last sold in 2000 for $1.1 million. [U-T San Diego]

A 1930s art deco building that was the former home of the Hollywood Citizen News newspaper was sold for $14.5 million. [Los Angeles Times]

Strict building regulations in Chile may have minimized the death toll in Tuesday’s 8.2-magnitude earthquake. [NBC News]

A 1849 Gothic Revival synagogue in Manhattan is closed indefinitely after 500 people were evacuated from the building earlier this week due to a shaking balcony. Firefighters discovered structural cracks in the mezzanine balcony. [The Wall Street Journal]

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Will McConnell, AIA, was promoted to healthcare practice leader at HOK.

The American Society of Interior Designers announced the winners of its 2014 ASID Design Awards. [ASID]

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