For a renovation fo the Studio des Ursulines, an elegant art-house Parisian theater founded by actors Armand Tallier and Laurence Myrga in the '20s, H20 Architects settled on a strategy to maximize efficiency. In the theater's newly renovated lobby, many of its typical functions have been consolidated into one feature—a modular cluster of moving brick-like parts.

The theatre fixture can serve as the lobby's cash register as well as its intermission seating. When it doesn't have any particular use, it is the lobby's central sculptural element. It can adapt to other functions as need arises: seating and tables but also storage and exhibition space. Various register functions, including phone and printer, are concealed by the fixture's folds.

The fixture is tinted black and built on a sliding brass base. When the base's expandable boxes are all closed, the lobby space regains maximal peripheral area—another functions the fixture facilitates.