Firms and suppliers for the 2012 London Olympics, when approached by the media, are under orders to direct the requests to the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games. But support is growing to overturn this ban as Royal Institute of British Architects president Angela Brady jumps into the fight, reports Building Design.

“London is the centre of a civilized world city – not the pit of corporate greed,” she told Building Design, after it was leaked that Brady had emailed Populous—the lead architect of the London games—to ask the firm to join her in opposing the ban.

The editor of The Architect’s Journal, Christine Murray, also voiced her support for Britain-based firms who worked hard to help put the games together. Of the Opening Ceremonies’ cheering crowd, Murray wrote:

They would have cheered the architect of the Olympic Stadium too, had anyone thought to mention Populous – or, indeed, that the Olympic Park was designed in Britain, by British architects and engineers – surely a unique achievement in the history of the Games, where importing talent is the norm.

Both the remarks from Brady and Murray come after New London Architecture chair Peter Murray made headlines for wearing a t-shirt that promoted the architect and engineering firms that contributed  to the Olympic Games.