Pedro E. Guerrero’s favorite image that he captured of Frank Lloyd Wright was one he didn’t have permission to take: a candid shot of the architect enjoying a tea break in 1953, on the site of the future Guggenheim (Photo 1 in the slide show at left). As Wright’s friend and principal photographer, Guerrero generally shot photos exactly as Wright wanted, showing exteriors of entire buildings, end to end. “I don’t want to see details that you think are cute,” Wright told him. The now-95-year-old went on to shoot the work of Eero Saarinan, Alexander Calder, and others. Still, Guerrero says, “I don’t imagine that anything could be better than working with Wright.” Pedro E. Guerrero: Photographs of Modern Life, an exhibition of 70 years of architectural photography, is now on view at the Julius Schulman Institute at California’s Woodbury University School of Architecture through April 25. (For more anecdotes about Wright, read and listen to our interview with Guerrero.) •