"Field conditions move from the one toward the many, from individuals to collectives, from objects to fields," wrote Stan Allen, FAIA, in 1996. The essay helped move architectural discussion away from form and toward systems and networks. Sixteen years later, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art revisits Allen's new perspective in Field Conditions, which gathers 30 works by artists and architects that explore the connection between conceptual art and theoretical architecture. Daniel Libeskind, AIA, and Lebbeus Woods, among others, share ways of describing space without buildings. And the artists—Sol LeWitt, Tauba Auerbach, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer—use architectural language to describe spatial conditions, says curator Joseph Becker. Allen is there, too, with one of the few pieces that gets close to a real building: a drawing of an array of algorithmically generated floor plans. • Through January 6, 2013.