Just because a powder room is tiny doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch. By its very nature, this little room is the place to be inventive (space is at a premium) and even edgy (it’s small, with a door that closes). Here’s the area where you can try something different, like a hand-crafted sink that might contrast with the architecture of the rest of the house. It’s a place to use materials like rosewood veneer that may have too busy a pattern to be used in open and oft-used spaces. A powder room can be the perfect place to spec in a touch of luxury, experimenting with materials that are too expensive to use on a larger area. Or, this might be the just the part of the house in which to set a fixture whose quirky design and spindly shape would be impractical for a high-traffic area. In all cases, a powder room is a great opportunity to make the most of a small space. These six designs offer ideas and inspiration.