Industry experts agree that a home with a thoughtfully designed outdoor space will appeal more to prospective buyers than one without. It’s easy to see why: A place to linger outdoors helps make each lovely day last as long as possible, increases a home’s livable square footage, and gives an impression of greater spaciousness. In many cases, a nicely finished outdoor space includes a pool, whether for swimming, soaking, or just staring into. Though opinions vary on exactly how much value a pool adds to a home—much depends on the geographic location—what’s clear is that in many parts of the country, houses with pools will indeed fetch higher prices than those without. What’s also clear is that sitting by sparkling water on a hot day is a great way to relax. So, whether you’re contemplating including a pool in a project and are in need of ideas, or maybe just need to look at some cool blue water, here’s a roundup of cool pools. It’s just in time for the dog days of August, so dive on in.

Senior editors Amy Albert and Claire Easley contributed to this article.